Are you thinking about embarking on a personal project?

When embarking on personal projects, there are always learnings and rewards that make the journey very exciting! You might start working on the following steps to make your project a reality.

1. Ask yourself: what are my motivations?

Your motivations will help you realise about the genuine interest behind the project. Motivations will also help you determine the real intentions to carry out the project, which leads you to identify your purpose.

2. Shape your idea

Do quick research about existing projects with similar features. Figure out how you can do it better. Remember to incorporate additional features that are aligned to your purpose.

3. Write a plan

A well-written plan will help you structure aspects such as value proposition, costs, and key activities, among others.

4. Be consistent

Stick with your plan and find a way to incorporate the craft into your routine. Get in the habit of regular work in order to make meaningful progress. Would you like to know more about the step-by-step guide for a personal project plan? I can help you with that. Please book a free consultation with me and let’s work together on this!

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I help professionals and entrepreneurs give a clear direction
to their livesthrough conscious mindset programs.

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I help professionals and entrepreneurs give a clear direction to their lives through conscious mindset programs.

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