The satisfaction of achieving a personal goal

Running a half marathon was a personal challenge that I had for many years. I was always amazed by people who were able to run non-stop so many kilometers and keep a good pace along the way. However, some other activities became a priority when I arrived in Australia (April 2018).

During the lockdown in Sydney in 2021, having gyms and other indoor sports facilities closed, I decided to challenge myself and start running outdoors. It was a bit hard to get used to the routines as my legs and feet were usually sore after running; however, having a clear goal in mind and the willingness to try something new were my main motivations to don’t give up.

On December 12th, 2021, I was part of the Nike Half Marathon that took place in Melbourne. I managed to get to the finish line and my happy face in the picture says it all.

As a life coach and career counselor I can confirm, once again, the main aspects to consider when embarking on a personal project:

  • Set your goal
  • Design a suitable plan that helps you achieve your goal
  • Surround yourself with people who will help you along the journey
  • Be consistent with your plan
  • Always smile

Would you like to know more about the step-by-step guide for a personal project plan? I can help you with that. Please book a free consultation with me and let´s work together on this!

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I help professionals and entrepreneurs give a clear direction
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I help professionals and entrepreneurs give a clear direction to their lives through conscious mindset programs.

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